Italian Villa

Custom built Italian farm house and detached three car garage

The single most important decision when building a new home is selecting your contractor.  First, I asked our long time plumber who he would use if building.  Without hesitation, he said, “Craig Greenhaw is the ONLY person I’d use.”

I also asked an architect and was told it was important to choose someone with whom you could work. I wanted to be very involved in the building process so this was a priority for me.

With this knowledge, my husband and I decided to meet with Craig at a home he’d previously built.  This home had a basement with poured concrete walls that impressed us.  Basements are notorious for causing multiple problems and there were none.  We  decided to ask Craig to price our home and because I was so comfortable working with him I never sought a competitive bid. 

Building is a tremendous undertaking, but I was comfortable during the entire process.  I truly felt that Craig and I were on the same team! He was on the job following construction one to two times daily.  I would meet with Craig and the sub contractors to make sure I got exactly what I wanted.  Financial reports were detailed and easy to follow so we knew right where we were with our projected budget.  The building materials were of the best quality and Craig worked to secure the lowest price.  Sub contractors were scheduled so work was always progressing.  The entire process was handled with honesty and integrity.

We have been living comfortably in our home for two years now.  If you desire a fine home at a fair price, you have arrived!!! I can honestly say working with Craig is a pleasure and we remain friends to this day.  So if you ask me

who I would get to build my home, I, too, will say, “Craig Greenhaw is the ONLY person I’d use.”

-Gwen Hayes, Home Owner

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